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A quick update: I haven't had much time to write new stuff, as I have been digging into pfSense to finally be able to self-host this website, as well as got involved with the piDrive project announced by Owncloud and WD Labs. The articles will definitely follow.

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Installing Tiny Core Linux on a Thinkpad T42

This article describes setting up Tiny Core Linux on a Thinkpad T42 with both a CLI interface and a tiling window manager dwm.


In order to get Tiny Core to install I downloaded the Core ...

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I have been busy writing my bachelor's thesis for the past 6 months. This is exactly the reason why no new articles have been posted in a while. The paper consists of 73 pages, which is a lot. I cannot express how important this work has been for m...

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Setting up pfSense on a laptop [in progress]

This article is a work-in-progess

As part of migrating this website from my hosting provider zone.ee over to my basement datacenter, I decided I needed a firewall solution to fight against the attacke...

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Installing Tiny Core Linux on a Lenovo Thinkpad T410

This article describes steps you need to follow to run Tiny Core Linux on a Thinkpad T410 with Antergos pre-installed.

It is a follow-up to another article I've written some time ago. It's called Read More

Setting Up PhileCMS on a Raspberry Pi model B running piCore 6

I stumbled across Tiny Core Linux a couple of years ago and became a fan immediately. Tiny Core Linux is a minimalist Linux distro that runs entirely in RAM, which makes it extremely fast. It has its own package manager, tce-...

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Installing Antergos on a Thinkpad T410

This article assumes you are not afraid to let go of your mouse and do some typing in the terminal. Everything mentioned in this article worked for me, but make sure you back your system up.

I have been a proud ...

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Website updates

As you have probably noticed already, we are making some changes to the way this website looks, feels and smells. We have moved over to a new content management system, which is mush faster and will hopefully allow us to maintain this page in 3 languages wh...

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